3 Must-Have Repair Tools for an Electrical Apprentice's First Job

From time to time, electrical works supervisors send their apprentices out on their own for simple electrical appliance repair jobs. Such opportunities are vital because they give you a chance to prove to your supervisor that you are up to the task. Moreover, repairing simple appliance malfunctions, such as burnt coils in electric heaters or leaking coolant in a refrigerator, is the best way to build your confidence as a budding electrician. [Read More]

Grid-Tied or Off-Grid? Solar Power Solutions That Homeowners Could Consider

If you are looking to reduce your dependence on conventional electricity while also increasing the value of your home, you should invest in solar power. However, some people do not realise that they have different options available to them when contemplating solar power. Understanding these solutions gives you the flexibility to decide whether you will be fully dependent on your new energy source or partially dependent on it. Below are some of the different solutions that you could consider for your home when contemplating solar power technology. [Read More]

Tips On How You Can Replace A Burnt 3-Prong Plug Of An Extension Cord

Nothing can be quite as dangerous as electricity and hence, you must take measures to ensure your safety whenever you spot something wrong with your electrical appliances or connections. One area that warns about a poor connection is the burnt electrical plug of your extension cord. Besides warning about a poor connection, a burnt plug can also be hinting about frayed wires inside the plug. Whatever the case, the plug is no good for use and you need to replace it. [Read More]

5 Ways to Cut Back on Air Conditioning Expenditure in Your Home

It is estimated that on average, 6 percent of a household energy use goes to cooling spaces. This energy consumption translated into a substantial annual cost to homeowners. To reduce costs related to air conditioning by almost a third, you can install energy efficient conditioners coupled with implementing a raft of energy-saving actions. Here are some tips for homeowners to keep the air conditioning costs down. Plant Leafy Vegetation around your Property-- Temperature rise inside your house is a result of excessive heating of the roof, windows, and the rest of the house. [Read More]