Preserving the Environment When Underground Mining

Working a mine usually means hiring the services of a mining company with the right equipment and skills to harvest materials properly. If you own a mine and are searching for such a company, you may want to think about how they work to preserve the environment while mining. This can protect the land you own and ensure you do as little damage to the environment as possible when mining. Note a few techniques that can be used to preserve the land and the environment while mining, and discuss these with any potential outside company you may hire.

1. Water recycling

Soil usually needs to be softened before it can be drilled and shafts are built into and out of the mine. This requires a tremendous amount of water, but many mining companies have fresh water brought to the site rather than recycling the water they use. Ask a mining company if they can recycle the water used for soil softening or blasting, as this will mean wasting less water for use in your mine.

2. Selective clearing

Tree roots need to be pulled up before a mine shaft can be built, or they will interfere with the structural integrity of those shafts. Other vegetation also needs to be cleared before drilling begins. However, rather than simply clearing an entire plot of land for your mining, ask about selective clearing. A surveyor can work with the mining company to note which areas need clearing and which can be left untouched. The less vegetation and plant life you clear, the healthier the environment overall. This can usually be accomplished with a little planning and the right surveying of the land itself.

3. Replenishing

Replenishing is the opposite of clearing and it can be done as soon as a section of a mine is closed. This refers to the planting of native vegetation and trees in an area after it's been cleared. In some cases you might also reintroduce wildlife that is native to the area, including insects and even reptiles. These species are all very important to the environmental health of the area and by reintroducing them to their habitat, natural vegetation can flourish and the ground can be protected from soil erosion.

Talk to any potential mining services company such as Arrow Electrical Services you may hire to work your mine about these and any other options they may suggest for preserving the environment. This can be done before the mine is open and after it closes, so as to have the least amount of impact on the environment as possible.