How to Fix a Faulty Electric Burner

Sometimes, a burner on an electric stove can develop a fault. This can happen for a few reasons, but fortunately, it is quick and easy to carry out a couple of checks and do any repairs that are needed. If you have a burner on an electrical stove that is not operating, following this guide will, in the vast majority of cases, fix the problem. If is doesn't, you should call out an electrician to help you. Let's look at how to fix a faulty burner.

Take Safety Advice

Always ensure that the power to the stove is turned off before you begin to do any work on it. Also, if you need to replace any parts of the stove, it is a good idea to take the part with you to the hardware outlet so that you can get an exact replacement.

Check the Burner

Make sure that the burner that is faulty looks the same as the other burners. It is easy to remove the burner; simply lift the burner up and wiggle it out of the socket. There are two prongs on the burner that fit into this socket on the stove. Once you remove it, check for damage. If the burner looks pitted or scorched, you can purchase a new burner and replace it by connecting the prongs.

Check the Connection

You can also easily check the connection of the burner to the stove. Pick up the burner, and move from side to side a little. A bad connection means that there should be some play as you move the burner. To fix this, remove the burner, and carefully bend or spread the prongs so that they will hold better in the socket. Take care not to use too much force when spreading the prongs; it can be easy to damage or even break them. Once done, fit the burner back into the socket.

Check the Socket

One other way to fix a faulty burner is to check the socket on the stove. Once the burner has been removed, you will be able to see the socket sitting on the stove, under the burner area. Visually check the condition of this socket, as it may be scorched or burnt. To replace it, remove the screws that hold the socket in place.

Then, remove the stove's wires from the socket, and rewire them the same way into the new socket. Next, screw the socket back into place. You can then reattach the burner by inserting the prongs into the new socket.

Sometimes, a stove's timer can be programmed to isolate and control one burner, so make sure that you zero the stove's timer and check the burner before deciding to carry out any repairs.

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