3 Must-Have Repair Tools for an Electrical Apprentice's First Job

From time to time, electrical works supervisors send their apprentices out on their own for simple electrical appliance repair jobs. Such opportunities are vital because they give you a chance to prove to your supervisor that you are up to the task. Moreover, repairing simple appliance malfunctions, such as burnt coils in electric heaters or leaking coolant in a refrigerator, is the best way to build your confidence as a budding electrician. However, while the first solo appliance repair gig is not always easy for an apprentice, packing the right tools for the job goes a long way towards building your confidence. This article highlights the essential tools that you need for most appliance repair jobs.


According to experienced electricians, an electrician who forgets their multimeter is not worth their title. Notably, a multimeter is the single most crucial tool for any appliance repair job. It is because testing for electrical current is critical for any appliance repair job. As such, the multimeter is the one tool that allows an electrician, rookie or experienced, to test and diagnose all electrical components in an electrical appliance. With the readings from a multimeter, you can make the right decision regarding an appliance repair task. For example, if the multimeter gives a negative result, you will know straight away that the affected part is not receiving electrical current. Therefore, no further tests are necessary in this case.

Screwdriver Kit

One common misconception among most rookie electricians is that having two or three screwdrivers is enough for most appliance repairs. Nothing could be further from the truth because there are different types and sizes of screws in any one appliance. It is for this reason that having a screwdriver kit rather than a couple of screwdrivers is essential. The idea is that using a wrong screwdriver bit will strip the head of a screw and thus make it difficult to screw or unscrew. Not only does it waste time, but the client will not appreciate the fact that you have damaged an integral piece of their appliance. Since a screwdriver kit contains many screwdriver bits of different sizes, you will have an easy time repairing the device in question.

Electrician's Knife

While you can use a pair of wire strippers to strip the cabling sheath on electrical cables and expose the copper wire, the strippers can easily damage appliance wires. It is because most of the wires in electrical appliances are thin, and damage to the cables can make the repair process longer and complicated. An electrician's knife is, therefore, the best option for appliance repairs because the sharp edges and small size ensures clean cuts with minimal effort on your part.