How to Troubleshoot a Faulty Freezer

If your freezer has suddenly stopped working, you'll want to try and fix the issue as soon as possible so that you do not waste that valuable food. There may be several reasons behind its failure, and while it may be possible to initiate a quick fix, it all depends on the culprit. Where should you start looking?

Faulty Electronic Control Board

At the centre of the activity is the electronic control board. There may be one or two of these boards, and they are essential to the core fictionality of freezer parts such as the evaporator, defrost circuit and compressor. Unfortunately, a layperson can't test the electronic control boards or replace them, so you need to bring in a qualified electrician.

Failed Relay

Sometimes the controller that relays power at the beginning of the process may develop its own problems. Without this in full working order, the compressor will not receive any power, and your freezer will not run. It may be possible to check this relay by using a multimeter to test continuity. The start relay is normally alongside the compressor and is vulnerable to overheating, but it has to be replaced if it has failed.

Overheating Capacitor

Look at the condition of the capacitor. Your owner's manual will tell you exactly where this is and what to look for. Also, you may know that this particular part is faulty if you can hear a humming noise when the power is switched on. This means that the compressor may be okay, but it cannot start due to the bad capacitor. Look for any obvious signs of damage, which are typically caused by overheating. If you can see any, you will have to call the electrician to take over from there.

Issues with the Defrost Timer

Sometimes the automatic defrost timer can halt operations in their tracks. This part is meant to control the defrost cycle that protects the evaporator coil and keeps it free of any frost buildup. Occasionally, it will stick in defrost mode, preventing the compressor from doing its job. Look for this item at the rear of the freezer, and when you locate it, see if you can switch it to manual. Hopefully, the compressor will kick into life, and you'll simply need to replace the defrost timer as soon as possible.

Urgent Help

Unfortunately, it's not always easy to fix electrical issues with a freezer, and in these situations, you should place an urgent call to an electrician. Hopefully, you can lean on a neighbour to look after those perishable foods for a while until the expert can affect a repair.

For more information about appliance repairs, contact a local electrician.