DIY Repair Tips For Two Common Household Appliances

Major appliance repairs can cost you thousands of dollars, but there are some things you can do yourself instead of having to call in a profession. The two DIY repairs  listed here are not difficult and don't require you to know much about your household appliances. But they do require vigilance and a little bit of effort, which can pay off in the long run.


One of the most common types of repairs for your dishwasher is when your plates or cutlery are not coming out clean. This is often related to the spray arm of your dishwasher, which is usually located under the lower dish rack. The spray arm rotates and sprays water and detergent to clean your dishes and silverware. If the spray arm is blocked or faulty, then your dishwasher can't clean well.

You can easily detach a spray arm to check the holes to see if they're blocked. You can also inspect the spray arm to see if it has any cracks. You can often remove debris through the spray arm holes and flush them with water, however, if the spray arm is broken, you have to buy a new spray arm and replace it. Check your manual to ensure that you buy the correct spray arm model.

Garbage Disposal 

Your garbage disposal is an effective way to get rid of soft food such as vegetables and fruit, but in some instances, a blockage or obstruction can hamper the garbage disposal's effectiveness. If your garbage disposal is making a humming sound but is not grinding food, don't panic. Instead of calling up a plumber, turn off the garbage disposal power and look under the sink. Locate the small reset button at the bottom of the disposal unit. Press this button for a few seconds then let go. Wait five minutes, then plug in the disposal and test it out.

In many cases, the disposal will now work, as the motor has been reset. In some cases, you may need to shine a flashlight into the sink and clear out any food or debris that may be trapped between the blades of the disposal. After doing that, flush water into the sink, then try the disposal again. These are the two most effect DIY repair methods for your garbage disposal, but if they don't work, then you will need to contact a professional.

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