How to Diagnose Your Own Car's Air Conditioning Problems

Very often it's good to leave the repair of your car's air conditioning to the professionals, as adding refrigerant or replacing certain hoses is best done with the right tools and expertise. However, you can often at least diagnose some problems you might be having with your car's air conditioning; even if you can't fix them yourself, you can help the technician pinpoint the problem so that he or she knows where to start looking. [Read More]

Problems You May Encounter When Using Lead Extensions and How to Solve Them

With better technology to preserve food, cook, prepare juice, do dishes or clean your clothes, you inevitably acquire many appliances. On the other hand, the power supply points allowing you to plug in and use these appliances does not keep pace with your purchasing. This is where power lead extensions come in handy. You need them to increase the number of points where you can plug in appliances. They also shorten the distance between the appliance and the source of power enabling you to operate it without having to move the appliance. [Read More]

Tips for a Heat Pump That Won't Run

A heat pump is a device that allows you to warm your home. However, it is possible for your heat pump to stop running without much warning. One of the main causes of your heat pump not running at all involves an issue with your thermostat obtaining power. If you notice that this is the issue you are dealing with, it is important for you to be aware of the steps that you need to take to correct the problem and allow for your heat pump to run normally. [Read More]

An Introduction To Fibre Optic Technology

In order to remain relevant in the field of electrical service provision, an electrician is forced to change with the times. Gone are the days when electrical service providers worked with copper wires. The use of fibre optic technology has caught on and is continually being preferred for transmission of data. As such, every trainee electrical specialist should be familiar with fibre optictechnology for a smooth sail into the industry. The answers to the two questions below provide a brief introduction into the world of fibre optics. [Read More]