Residential Wiring Mistakes to Avoid

Many homeowners wish to save money or they wish to experience the satisfaction of doing something on their own so they take on many domestic wiring tasks. However, many make mistakes that result from lack of the right information or experience. This article discusses some electrical wiring mistakes you should avoid as you wire your home. Running Wires Very Close to Wood Edges Wires that are very close to the edge of wood framing are at high risk of being damaged by nails and screws. [Read More]

DIY Repair Tips For Two Common Household Appliances

Major appliance repairs can cost you thousands of dollars, but there are some things you can do yourself instead of having to call in a profession. The two DIY repairs  listed here are not difficult and don't require you to know much about your household appliances. But they do require vigilance and a little bit of effort, which can pay off in the long run. Dishwasher One of the most common types of repairs for your dishwasher is when your plates or cutlery are not coming out clean. [Read More]

Some Disadvantages of LED Light Bulbs

The main advantages of LED light bulbs are now reasonably well known: they burn more efficiently and last far longer than traditional lighting options. However, while these benefits are compelling, they don't mean that LED lightbulbs don't have any disadvantages. Before you decide whether to use them in your home, remember to consider the following points. They Cost More LED light bulbs aren't as expensive as they used to be, but they still cost significantly more than conventional lighting technologies. [Read More]

3 Common Signs That a Home May Need the Services of an Electrician

The electricity in your home doesn't need to fail altogether for your home to need the services of an electrician. There may be signs that your home's electrical wiring is bare or frayed or that it's outdated and is getting overloaded as you use it. You don't want to ignore these signs as this can mean that your home's wiring can be at risk for an electrical fire, and you can also be putting wear and tear on your appliances and electrical devices. [Read More]